In grade two, I wrote a poem for our school's literary anthology. It was four lines of "genius." Seeing it in spiral-bound print blew my mind. I've been a writer ever since.  My experience includes writing/producing for CBC TV news, a short film and reality stint at OUTtv, freelancing for a whack of magazines, adventuring around the world as a travel writer, and writing some award-winning, bestselling novels. My titles range from children's picture books to young adult superhero dystopias to adult non-fiction that makes my mom blush.

As a kid I was an avid couch potato; as an adult, I've become passionate about functional fitness, nutrition, and masters water polo (which has taken me to tournaments around the world).

I came out in my late teens, and I love writing that combines sass, heart, speculative fiction, and (where appropriate) abs.

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