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"Fatal Attraction" meets "The Walking Dead"

Amazon bestselling, post-apocalyptic master Steven Bereznai ruthlessly pits a below-average Joe against a zombie horde...and his ex-girlfriend from hell.

After a devastating breakup, loser Marty Melon doggedly reassembles his shattered self. Confidence-boosting Ted Talks, muscle-crushing kettlebell swings, and key episodes of "The Golden Girls" transform him from zero to b-list hero. This suicidal reject, turned pickup artist, turned sensitive new age guy, finally has it all: a house, the quirky woman of his dreams, and abs.

F#%k you, world, he thinks with alpha confidence. 

“Challenge accepted,” the world replies, and everything goes to zombie crap.

Will Marty make it? He’s no longer an average frustrated chump. He’s in the best mental and physical shape of his life. "Ninja" bro-crush and gay-best-friend Gary is at his side. But to triumph in the end-of-days, Marty must defeat his most dangerous foe of all—the woman who broke him in the first place. 

"Veering from humor to horror, the tender to the terrifying and the sweet to the savage, "How a loser..." is another brilliant, gripping, and witty read from an author who has firmly established himself as a definite one to watch."
—Luke V. Marlowe, The Page Is Printed

"Bereznai's thematically complex, realistic page-turner of a zombie survival narrative examines self-discovery and what it really means to win or lose in life."
Christopher M. Moreman, Ph.D., Co-editor of Zombies are Us & Race, Oppression, and the Zombie

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