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Generation Manifestation Launches Sept 14, 2021!

Just a week away! In honor of the launch of Generation Manifestation, here's an excerpt and some concept art inspired by the book's comic book connection.

I escape to my favorite reading place in the library; a comfy blue seat that's practically a couch. I set my stash of comic books onto an end-table and reverently take the comic book on top.

It has a muscular woman on the cover.

She holds a glowing spear and wears battle armor reminiscent of a one-piece bathing suit that pushers her large breasts up and together. The outfit is stylized in yellow, black, and red; a dazzling crescent moon shine in the middle of her chest. She stands beneath the bold title, Lady Strength.

I've read it dozens of times, yet my eyes linger, and I turn the pages with intentional slowness. I’m at the best part, where Lady Strength’s captured by the evil semi-sentient soldiers of the monstrously mutated Greyhounds. They tie her in chains and threaten a thermonuclear detonation in the boroughs.

Lost in the story, the ache in my battered body dims until a clomping tread echoes through the stacks, breaking the fantasy. I groan. It’s my loser classmate, Normand Bamford.

I can call him that because I’m a loser too.

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