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“I Want Superpowers” Author Wins Indie Book Award/Teams up with Renowned Underwater Photographer for Creative Shoot

Books and water don’t mix…unless the book is the award-winning I Want Superpowers

May 3, 2018, Toronto, ON: As Avengers: Infinity War sweeps the box office, Toronto author Steven Bereznai (QueeroesGay and Single…Forever?)  has won the New Apple Literary Award for Young Adult Science Fiction for the Amazon bestseller I Want Superpowers. To celebrate, he’s combined his love of aquatics and writing in a set of photos by Lucas Murnaghan, known for his stunning underwater portraits.

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Set in a dystopian future, I Want Superpowers is the story of 16-year-old Caitlin Feral. She’s determined to be a super-powered Supergenic. In her pursuit to be special, she uncovers secrets that could doom the world. How far will she go to be the super girl of her dreams?

I Want Superpowers has been described as the “X-Men meets The Hunger Games” and “The lovechild of 1984 and The Chrysalids.”

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The New Apple Literary Awards recognize excellence in independent publishing.


“I was a sports-averse kid, particularly team sports. As an adult, I challenged myself to join the Toronto Triggerfish, an LGBTQ water polo team. This gave me a chance to face my fears and to find community through sport; it also helped me write the character of Caitlin. She has her own issues with being part of a team. It was a thrill to bring these elements together in this photoshoot.”

–Steven Bereznai, Author of I Want Superpowers

“Whenever someone asks me what superpower I’d like, the answer is to breath underwater. I also hope all my subjects walk away feeling like superheroes.  It was fun to play with that during this shoot for I Want Superpowers.”

–Lucas Murnaghan, Underwater Photographer


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