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What happens when a closeted jock, a scrawny nerd, and a pair of bratty cheerleaders develop superpowers in a small-town high school? Can they stop a pair of super-powered classmates hellbent on reshaping the student body in a darker image? Or will teen angst, jealousy, and ill-timed romance doom them all? Find out in Queeroes!

"[A] wicked and witty hybrid of Heroes and Gossip Girl"
—Richard Labonté, Books to Watch Out For

"A poignant tale of teenage otherness, taken to radioactive levels"
– Michael Rowe, author of Enter Night and Wild Fell

"Science fiction has just been put on notice—total fabulousness has landed and is here to stay"
– Fraser Robinson, Director of Content, SPACE: The Imagination Station

"Queeroes is jam-packed with action, romance, and enough ka-pow to keep you speed-reading to the heartfelt end"
– Jeff Harrison, Editor-in-Chief, Play Magazine

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