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"Characters who defy the norm"

“Katniss Everdeen who? Caitlin Feral is here to start a revolution even bigger than the girl on fire! Generation Manifestation is insane! Think, the Hunger Games meets X-Men. This action packed dystopian tale explores wrongs and rights, villains and heroes; we experience the courage of fighting a system that is not what it seems. The world building is absolutely phenomenal and the characters are not what you’d expect. We see side characters with disabilities and I love that the author also doesn’t use gender to define their characters, for example the use of “those who identify as girls wear dresses” or “those who don’t conform to either gender.” It’s very modern and, adding the subtexts I mentioned previously, I can see this book being added to school reading lists. Overall, this powerful tale is unpredictable, unforgettable and contains characters who defy the norm.”—@shortandsweetreviewsbysam

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